whitening injections by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates


Skin whitening injections in Pakistan are well-known and most demanding injections. We inject vitamin c along with skin whitening glutathione injections to enhance the glow of the skin.

Patients are fully evaluated with complete history and examination before the recommendation of whitening injections.

Glutathione skin whitening injection cost varies with the market price and the number of sessions required for the patient.

dermal fillers by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates- Dr zain

Facial Glow Treatments

Facial treatment are used to enhance the glow of face targeting the areas of aging.

We use a combination of  therapies in our patients to achieve good results.

This treatment has no side effects because it is extracted from patient’s own blood which is drawn and processed to separate the RBCs within 15 to 20 mints.

Microlending for acne scars are also used in combination with facial glow injections.

Acne Scar treatment by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates- Dr zain


Acne scar treatment in Lahore.

The most effective treatment for acne scars is micro-needling treatment.  It is an office-based procedure. After applying a topical anesthetic to face, micro-needling is done over cheeks and forehead areas. We add acne drops which are formulated for reduction and prevention of acne.


 We claim the best results of this treatment.

dermal fillers by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates- Dr zain


Filler injections in Lahore, are synthetic products of hyaluronic acid composition used to add volume to different areas of the face. Hollowing of cheeks, tear trough deformity or dark circles around eyes are corrected with filler injections.

Filler injection cost in Pakistan varies with the market prices and depends upon the volume needed.

Fillers for a laugh line

Dermal fillers can smooth laugh line and volume to these static wrinkles.

1 ml volume usually is enough for both laugh lines.

anti wrinkle injections by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates


Botox injections treatment in Pakistan is done to correct the dynamic wrinkles to make the face smooth with a younger look.

Anti-aging treatments are used to correct the forehead lines, frown line, and wrinkles around the eye. Botox injection relaxes the muscle resulting in smoother and natural look.

Inexperienced hands, there are no side effects.

lip augmentation plastci and cosmetic surgery associates- Dr zain


Lip augmentation in Lahore

Lip fillers are injected to add volume to the lips giving them an aesthetically pleasing fullness.

Filler injections in Lahore is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the lips plumper and fuller, which accentuate the cosmetic beauty of lips.



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