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Hair transplant in Lahore, Pakistan,  is a surgical procedure to transplant hair in patients presenting with hair loss which is either due to genetic tendency, hormonal imbalance (androgenic alopecia) or hair loss due to burning alopecia or traumatic hair loss.
Steps of Hair transplant Surgery : 
Before undergoing to surgery, a detailed consultation will be done to sought out about the history of hair loss, medication used ,smoking or any co-morbid conditions.Obviously it will effect the results of hair transplant.
  1. Marking : Hair line will be designed to match the aesthetics of face and forehead.Donor area and bald area will be marked.
  2. Sterlization : After shaving head, pyodine solution is applied to disinfect and sterilize the scalp.We do special care in this step, which in term decreases the risk of infection.
  3. Local anesthesia : Local anesthesia is injected to numb the head to avoid pain during surgery.
  4. Creation of sites : Creation of graft site will be done over bald area.
  5. Harvesting of graft: Graft will be harvested from already marked donor area .
Hair transplant surgery is equally effective for both males (male pattern baldness) and females ( female pattern hair transplant ). RECOVERY AFTER HAIR TRANSPLANT : Hair transplant is 6 to 7 hrs long process. You can enjoy meal, watching movies and attending phone calls during the procedure. Hair transplant is a day case procedure. You can walk home on the same day . After the  surgery you may feel some pain over scalp ,so you may need to take pain medications for one week. You may also require to take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for several days. Most people are able to return to work after 2 to 5 days. EXPECTATIONS AND RESULTS OF HAIR TRANSPLANT IN LAHORE : Strict care is required for initial 2 weeks. You may notice transplanted hair fall after 3 weeks. Transplanted hair starts to grow after 3 to 6 months till 12 months.Most people notice 60% growth of transplanted hair after 7 months. SIDE EFFECTS OF HAIR TRANSPLANT IN LAHORE / RISKS OF HAIR TRANSPLANT :  Infection , bleeding ,scarring, scalp necrosis and un-natural looking hair growth. All these side effects can be easily minimised by opting a competent and experienced hair transplant surgeon.

Best hair transplant surgeon : 

Dr Zain is well known and qualified hair transplant surgeon. Your hair transplant surgeon must be qualified FCPS plastic surgeon with registered PMDC.

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan :

 Cost of hair transplant in Pakistan varies with the area which needs to be transplanted. We claim the best results in our hair transplant patients. We offer affordable prices tailored to the budget of patient.


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In FUT hair transplant, a strip of hair is taken from the back of your head and the wound is closed primarily. Hair is extracted from the strip and transplanted to the bald area of the scalp.


In FUE hair transplant surgery, hair is extracted directly from the head with the punch method and transplanted to the bald areaFUE hair transplant is the latest method of hair transplantation. It is a relatively painless procedure. In comparison to FUT, there is no cut on the back of the head and donor site heals spontaneously without scarring

Best Hair Transplant - after graft placementHair transplant surgery

                  Hair Transplant Before and After

Best Hair Transplant in LahoreBest Hair Transplant in Lahore

                  Hair Transplant Before and After