What Do I Need to Know About Plastic Surgery?


What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery basically arise from Greek word plastike which mean the art of molding. So, you can say the plastic surgery is a procedure to mold the thing or you can say to reshape or to reconstruct the body parts.

Plastic surgery is a broad term encompasses into three main subjects.

  1. Reconstructive surgery
  2. Burns surgery
  3. Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery

Hence, you can call plastic surgeon a burn surgeon, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon.

All these three subjects cover a huge area of surgical filed but each specialty has its own list of surgeries.

Reconstructive surgery focuses on repairing or reconstruction of human body parts. There is a vast list of plastic and reconstructive surgery but some easy examples include reconstruction after cancer surgery, correction of congenital deformities of limbs and head and neck area. Reconstruction of limbs after major road traffic accidents.


Plastic surgeon is also call burn surgeon. It also comes under the section of reconstructive surgery. Acute burn either electric burn, scald burn or flame burn all comes under the domain of plastic surgery. Post burn deformities of hands and foot are also dealt by burn surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery:

Cosmetic the name itself depicts its specialty. It is actually done for cosmetic reasons. These are the procedure which are done to improve the looks of client or to establish self-esteem.

Nose reshaping, Facelift, Body contouring, Breast surgeries, hair transplant surgery, surgery for brows and eye lids are under the category of cosmetic and esthetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline which focused on appearance through surgical or non-surgical means. Cosmetic surgery is performed in all areas of head, neck and all over the body. For some, it may mean redesigning the body contour and shape, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating baldness.

Does insurance cover cosmetic surgery?

Although plastic and reconstructive surgery covers the insurance but regarding cosmetic surgeries it doesn’t covers the whole expense.

What should you know before selecting a plastic surgery?

You want a doctor who is highly skilled in the procedure you are considering, and you should have trust relationship with the surgeon. You can ask directly from doctor regarding his or her qualification, Board certification and experience in the relevant field.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery, which is best?

AS you are well familiar with both terms now, so you can say a best plastic surgeon is also a best cosmetic surgeon. Both cosmetic and plastic surgery shares different scope of surgeries.

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