Fat Transfer and grafting / fat injection procedure involves harvesting of fat from different areas of the body to inject into the area which requires fats.

Fat grafting can replenish the lost tissue and augment facial features to improve facial aesthetics.

Fat grafting can be used to augment buttocks, breast and many other body parts as well.

A qualified and skilled plastic surgeon can only perform such procedures. Our surgeons Dr Zain ul Abidin and Dr Asma Ilyas are fully trained to execute such complicated procedures.

 Fat grafting is performed for the following reasons:

  • Fill irregular areas
  • Correct contour deformities
  • Augment lips
  • Lift buttocks
  • Enhance the appearance of cheekbones

Fat is harvested from the abdomen or inner thighs with liposuction. Once harvested the fat is prepared for injection by centrifuge, which separates the injectable fat cells from the oil and serum. The fat is then placed into injectable syringes for transfer to the desired area.

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