Breast reconstruction surgery is usually employed after mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is the restoration of the breast to as close to normal as possible after breast cancer treatment.

Breast cancer patients are faced with enormous challenges both socially and psychologically as they go through mastectomy surgery, chemotherapy and often radiotherapy. After the mastectomy, these patients require breast reconstruction which can be done either immediately or delayed to a later date.

Our female plastic surgeon, Dr Asma Ilyas and our qualified plastic surgeon Dr Zain ul Abidin are highly trained and skilled in all techniques of breast reconstruction including gold standard TRAM/DIEP reconstruction, expander/implant and latissimus Dorsi with implant reconstruction.

breast reduction by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates- Dr zain

A TRAM or DIEP is the gold standard in Breast Reconstruction and involves harvesting the abdominal skin and fat and parts of the rectus muscle if necessary attached to blood vessels. This flap of tissue is then transplanted to the chest and sculpted to a breast. The closure of the abdomen results in the benefits of an abdominoplasty.

The first stage of the reconstruction involves implantation of a silicone empty shell, which is subsequently expanded with saline to the desired size. After a minimum of 6 months the expander is exchanged for a permanent breast implant (Stage II).

Combines using ones own tissue and an implant. The broad latissimus dorsi muscle on the patients back is transferred to the chest and used to cover a breast implant.

All women have the option of a nipple-areolar reconstruction once the breast reconstruction is completed after 3-6 months. This involves a combination of local flaps, skin grafts and tattooing.