Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery in Pakistan is done for increasing the size of the breast. Following multiple pregnancies or after weight loss, the contour of the breast becomes distorted which can be corrected with Breast augmentation surgery.

Breast implant surgery in Pakistan is a cosmetic procedure to enlarge breast size.

Breast enlargement surgery can be undertaken with implants or breast fat transfer.

Breast augmentation surgery or Breast implant surgery offers women a chance to achieve the breast size and shape of their desire.

Our Female plastic surgeon Dr Asma Ilyas is a qualified breast surgeon, who can help you to achieve the breast contour you desire, whether you have lost volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging or weight loss.


Breast Surgery by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates- Dr zain and Dr Asma
Breast Surgery by plastci and cosmetic surgery associates- Dr zain and Dr Asma


Breast fat transfer surgery is a more convenient and easy method of achieving the volume of the breast by using the patient’s own body fat. It is a relatively newer technique with better results in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon.

1 hr
3 Days

- Dr. Asma Ilyas & Dr. Zain ul Abidin

- Qualified Breast Surgeons

Results: Restore upper breasts, enhance and lift your breasts.

Confident in your newly shaped breasts, great in a swimsuit and evening attire.


  • Filled with sterile saltwater
  • Physiological product
  • Not as natural looking as silicone breast implants
  • Risk of rippling


  • The preferred implant filler
  • Filled with silicone gel
  • Feels like natural breast tissue
  • Gel is form stable
  • Gel can be soft or firm


  • Curves of the implant are equal in all quadrants
  • Preferred for fuller upper pole
  • Preferred if you have a fair amount of breast tissue prior to augmentation
  • Preferred if you want the augmented look


  • Tear-drop implant
  • Curve and fullness of implant located in inferior pole
  • More subtle upper pole
  • More natural looking
  • Preferred in revision breast surgery

For any given implant volume, the implant can vary in its projection. The projection of an implant is the highest point from its base best viewed from the side profile.

Low Projection

  • Peak of implant is low in comparison
  • Preferred in subtle breast augmentations


  • Projection of implant gives extra fullness and shape to the inferior breast border
  • Most common projection

High to Extra High

  • Projection is high
  • Preferred where there is skin laxity and a mastopexy/breast lift is required
  • Preferred for those that want an augmented look

Infra-Mammary Fold (IMF)

  • The most versatile and used incision
  • Under the breast in the breast crease
  • Scarring will be hidden underneath the inferior aspect of the breast pole in the crease
  • Allows for placement of larger implants


  • Around the areolas
  • Offers patients a mild breast lift in addition to a breast augmentation
  • Slightly higher chance of infection
  • Useful for constricted breasts and repositioning the nipples


  • Through the armpit
  • Avoids any scarring on the breasts, and the incisions are hidden
  • Limited on size and styles of implants to be used; typically cannot be used for large silicone implants


  • Above the pectoral muscle
  • Direct contact with the breast gland gives more natural shape and size to the breasts
  • Not recommended for those with a small amount of natural breast tissue
  • Best placement for a breast lift


  • Beneath the pectoral muscle
  • Perfect for those with athletic and slim builds, and provides maximum coverage of the implant
  • Not ideal for those with a larger body frame

Dual Plane

  • Preferred technique
  • Blend of both pockets (subglandular and submuscular)
  • Offers advantages of both pockets: provides a natural shape and overall coverage of the implant
  • Custom dual plane: individualised for each patient to maximise breast shape, projection, and coverage